Tips for reducing anxiety

Anxiety can be debilitating, especially after watching current events on TV or social media.  Here are four simple ways you can start takling your nerves:


Get up and move! Use the bike, walk, swim, run, do Pilates, lift weights, aerobic excercise can be ver effective in reducing anxiety and depression.

Super mood foods

No sugar, no alcohol and no coffee.  All of these affect your brain chemistry and with proonged use, can cause anxiety, eat green leafy items, dark orange vegetables, legumes, citrus, fresh cherries or berries


Bring attention to your breathing.  Breathe slowly from you diaphragm (below your chest).   Count the breaths, numerically inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.  This process slows down the heart.

Use visual anchors

Look at clouds when stuck in traffic.  You can use anything thathas a repeating pattern or indistinguishable noise.  For some listening to the sound of water works.  Visual and auditory randomness allows the mind to rest because it has nothing to latch on to.

These are just a few of the ways ou can reduce your anxiety.  So the next time you are feelling overwhelmed, take a moment to try one of these, all you have to lose is worry!


Current political movements and agendas post election have caused considerable personal angst and hand wringing about the future.  Instead of residing in fear, we can look at this as an opportunity for personal and collective introspection.  The shift occuring in our political system is a metaphore, a metaphorical description of our own selves and culture which we have attempted to hide in the dark. Now in the open we can shed light on the darkness and create transformation, together we can accomplish this.  It will take personal accountability and work from all of us, to eliminate this darkness on the horizon.

Leonard Lane

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Jan 16, 2017